Terms & conditions: "Website in One Week"

§1 Basic information

  1. The provider of the service “Website in One Week” or “Website in One Week + Mini Brand” is Tomasz Pikus, running a business under the name Pikus.IT, Kantatgatan 70 lgh 1801, 215 70 Malmö Sweden, org. nr. 931123-0255, VAT-EU: SE931123025501.

§2 Placing order

  1. The Buyer purchases the Service on the Website by placing an Order according to general Terms and Conditions.
  2. If “Website Maintenance” Service was added to cart while placing an order, the Buyer must accept “Website Maintenance – Terms and Conditions” available on the current page.
  3. “Website Maintenance” is a subscription based service.

§3 Service Overwiev

  1. Details of each maintenance package, including scope of maintenance, are available on the service page or product card page in the store. Clients are encouraged to review the specific details for each package before subscribing.
  2. Each maintenance package operates on a monthly subscription basis. Subscriptions automatically renew on a monthly basis unless canceled by the client.
  3. The scope of maintenance for each package may include the following services:
    1. Weekly Website Check: Ensuring that all website elements are displayed properly and remain consistently mobile-friendly.
    2. Database Optimization: Regular checks and deletion of unnecessary records to maintain the database’s optimal condition.
    3. Weekly Updates: Updating all plugins, themes, and the WordPress core weekly, contingent on active and valid licenses.
    4. Standby in Case of Emergency: Clients may request emergency support for urgent malfunctions, with a commitment to diagnose and resolve issues within 24 hours of notification.
    5. Security Scanning: Regular scanning of all website files using a security plugin.
    6. Fixing Security Issues: Addressing and resolving any security issues detected by the security plugin.
    7. Content Updates: Editing photos, illustrations, and texts on the website without altering its layout or design.
    8. Adding Landing Page: The option to design and launch a landing page for a new service or product without additional charges (excluding subscription fees).
  4. To facilitate the maintenance service, clients are required to provide credentials to the website, hosting provider, FTP server, and MySQL Database. Please note that website maintenance is exclusively provided for WordPress-based websites.

§4 Payment and cancellation

  1. The “Website Maintenance” service operates on a monthly subscription basis. Clients are billed monthly according to the selected maintenance package.
  2. Clients have the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time. However, if cancellation occurs before the scheduled renewal date, the plan remains active until the renewal date, and no refunds are provided for the remaining days of the subscription.
  3. The service is non-refundable. It begins on the first day of the subscription, which is the date of purchase, and continues continuously until the client decides to cancel.
  4. Clients must initiate the cancellation process no later than the day before the scheduled renewal date to avoid automatic renewal charges.
  5. Please note that subscriptions cannot be put on hold. If a client wishes to change their maintenance package, they must first cancel the current plan and then purchase the desired package. There is no starting fee for the new plan.
  6. Clients who have previously ordered and received their website from Pikus.IT are exempt from any starting fee when subscribing to the “Website Maintenance” service.

These Terms and Conditions enter into force on November 25, 2023.