Aleksandra Szczerbicka talented social media manager

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Project details

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Aleksandra Szczerbicka, a talented social media manager and the proud owner of her own company. We worked closely with her to develop a comprehensive branding strategy that perfectly encapsulates her unique vision and professional identity.

Starting with the creation of a captivating logo, we crafted a distinctive visual identity that reflects Aleksandra’s expertise and professionalism. Alongside the logo, we developed a cohesive color palette and brand guidelines that establish a consistent and memorable brand presence.

To complement the branding efforts, we also designed an aesthetic and user-friendly website that showcases Aleksandra’s services and achievements. The website serves as a powerful tool to engage potential clients and leave a lasting impression. We are thrilled to have partnered with Aleksandra on this project, bringing her brand to life in the digital realm.


Brand Design & Website Design