Google Business Profile – why does your local business need it?

Are you an owner of a small, local business and have no idea how can you advertise your products or services? This post is written just for you!

Have you ever heard about Google Business Profile? I’m sure you’ve used it at least once. It’s nothing more than business card that shows in search results (in Google) and in Google Maps Service. Now – does it ring a bell?

Google Business Profile – what is that?

As I mentioned before, Google Business Profile is a type of online business card that can be found in Google Search Results or in Google Maps. Customers are allowed to put their reviews of the place and business owner can communicate with the world, posting basic info about the company, address, opening hours, updates, photos and much more.

I’m pretty sure that you used such a profile once or twice in your life as a customer. Were you looking for a restaurant? You probably just typed “Italian cuisine Malmö” and got at least few results sorted based on profile activity and distance from your current position.

How much does it cost to start Google Business Profile?

Pure magic – it’s completely free of charge! You can start your own Google Business Profile within few minutes and run it not paying anything to Google or anyone. Process is simple – type your address in Google Maps, click “Add your business” and follow the instructions. If you find out there is already active profile of your business and you don’t have access to it, don’t worry! Any time you can click option “Claim this business” and “Manage now”. Google will ask you about verification – just follow the instructions on the screen.

Google Business Profile scam

I decided to describe this scam to warn you. It’s becoming more and more popular. It may happen that you receive a call from a company that claims it calls “from Google” and want to offer a subscription for starting Google Business Profile in Gogle Maps and “positioning it in search results”. In reality, they create the profile, refuse to give you an access and do absolutely nothing. Google warns constantly about this procedure but for now there’s no other way to avoid being cheated than being extremely careful.

What can you do on Google Business Profile?

At first business profiles were created to provide basic information about business, location and opening hours. Nowadays you can treat this as another social media platform. Google Business profile allows you to:

  • Provide address of your company;
  • Give information about opening hours and price range;
  • Describe your services and upload branch-specific info (for example menu for restaurants);
  • List your business website’s address;
  • Upload photos or videos;
  • Post updates, notes and notifications;
  • Browse place’s reviews and answer to all of them.

What do I gain if I run Google Business Profile?

As a local business owner who probably tried multiple types of marketing, I bet you already know that some methods that are extremely successful while promoting businesses with national scope or businesses online, aren’t that great if it comes to your case. Google Business Profile is an answer for all your needs.

If customers look for local business, they go straight to Google/Google Maps. They find probably many businesses that can offer them what they need. How they choose the right business then? By their business profile.

  • Profile that is filled with bunch of information looks always more professional than empty profile.
  • If your profile looks professional, customers trust you more. They know that all the information is up-to-date and they don’t need to worry they’ll go on spot and find out your business is, for example, closed.
  • Reviews help – social proof is extremely important. Your potential customers want to be sure they’d be happy with your services or products so they often choose based on overall score on your profile.
  • Even if there are some negative reviews, actively responding to them is helpful. Every business has its worse moments and crises. The key is to find a solution to put out the fire and show, you do care about experience with your brand.

What can I do if I don’t have time or skills to run the profile?

You found a right address then. Check out our Google Business Profile service that we provide for people just like you – busy business owners who want to focus on what they do best. Take care of your products and services, we’ll take care of rest:

  • Starting your new business profile;
  • Filling it with all needed information about your business;
  • Create content for your Google Business Profile;
  • Supervise reviews and take care of responding to them if needed (after consultation with you).
Start and run Google Business Profile with Pikus.IT


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